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Sandwich Spreads Cookbook (Smart Cooking, #1) L. Solomon

Sandwich Spreads Cookbook (Smart Cooking, #1)

L. Solomon

Published August 13th 2014
Kindle Edition
373 pages
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 About the Book 

Sandwich Spreads CookbookLooking through your pantry and fridge but cant find anything interesting to eat?Entertaining guests with nothing fancy to serve?Bored with eating the same old kind of sandwich day after day?Want to add something healthy to your daily diet but not sure how?Well, your troubles are over because this cookbook is just for you! It will guide you through 201 special recipes for sandwich spreads that you will surely use every day - easy, healthy food served on bread and far beyond.This compilation of special recipes has been developed, collected, tried out and modified to perfection over years of joyful cooking.The author of this Cookbook has a vast track record in the kitchen both as professional chef de cuisine, as well as renowned Sandwich Spreads Enthusiast.- - - “As an adolescent, serving quick sandwich meals in my parents’ dinner, I remember always thinking: how can I make these daily meals more interesting? How can I make our regular customers get something new every time they stop by? Well, I just had to keep inventing and reinventing new and exciting sandwich spreads and have continued to do so ever since.” - - - L. Solomon, Cook, Cookbook Author, Member of the IACP - International Association of Culinary Professionals.A lot of work had been put into this book in order to make your experience with it not only educating but also fun, simple and easy.A food processor will make your life a lot easier, but other than that all you really need (aside from this book) is a fresh slice of bread and a butter knife.- - - “I can’t believe I was able to make such a treat from scratch with what little I had in my fridge!” - - - and - - - “This amazing health snack only took me 5 minutes to prepare with no mess in the kitchen and no pile of dirty dishes in the sink!” - - - are two of the most common responses we get from readers of this cookbook.Get ready to surprise yourself with the results of your cooking and mixing!Get ready to surprise your guests with unpredictable refreshments – spreads that are not only original, but also and most importantly – delicious!Discover how to easily prepare delicacies that do not only stand for special occasions but first and foremost will serve you and your family for everyday use.Let this cookbook help minimize your use of commercial sandwich spreads, dips and sauces. You will learn how to make them better, cheaper, healthier and you will learn how to make them exactly the way you like.Join us in this journey into a realm of creativity and ingenuity and bring excitement and novelty into the everyday food that you and your family share.Want to have a taste of what this cookbook is all about? Take a look at these:African Style Spice Spread,Chili and Honey Pesto,Wine and Thyme Jam,Cashew Mayonnaise,Pistachio Tapenade,Filipino Cheese Pimiento Spread,Homemade Mascarpone Cheese,Apple and Ginger Chutney,Baby Eggplant Jam,Grape Honey,Celery Spread,Smoked Pumpkin Spread,Chicken Liver Paste with Pecans and Figs,Raw Seaweed Spread,Shrimp Crab Spread,Salted Butter Caramel Chocolate Mousse,Wild Mushroom Pâté,Lavender Chardonnay Jelly,Beer Yeast Spread… And so much more! IntroductionCongratulations on your purchase of this fascinating cookbook and welcome into the rich realm of sandwich spreads!Have you ever opened your refrigerator’s door and found nothing interesting to munch?Have you ever had guests come over but had nothing appropriate at hand to serve?Well, your troubles are over. Simply make a couple of these easy to prepare, amazing relishes and delicacies and you will surely have something good tucked away appropriate for any occasion.In this collection, you will find an enticing fusion between the ethnicity of the old and the creativity of the new through the infinite varieties of taste, aroma and color, that will make your everyday sandwich soar to new culinary heights.Sandwich spreads are solid foods of soft texture which allow spreading on a slice of bread and pastries or as supplement to other dishes. The difference between dip, soup, sauce and spread are not always clear and, at times, all that may tell them apart is no more than a matter of thickness. For us, however, titles as such do not matter. If it tastes good and can be spread on a slice of bread, then we call it – spread – and you will find its recipe at your disposal in between these pages.As you dive into this book, you will find how spread recipes can be varied endlessly. There are salty spreads, sweet spreads, hot spreads and in fact, spreads of all imaginable tastes and colors. Some spreads are unique and ethnic, other spreads are universal and loved by all. Take this chance to broaden your horizon and explore both what you believe to have known and what you have yet to come across. Allow these recipes to tickle your curiosity as well as your taste buds while trying out each one of them. Adopt the recipes you really like and allow some of the others to grow on you. Use this book’s diversity to personalize the spreads you consume and call them your own.Get ready to surprise yourself with the results of your cooking and mixing!Get ready to surprise your guests with unpredictable refreshments – spreads that are not only original, but also and most importantly – delicious!Whenever you feel like grabbing a bite not only to fill the stomach but also to satisfy the heart – remember that all you really need (aside from this book) is a fresh slice of bread and a butter knife.Some words of warning: Reading this book will most probably result into you spreading these sandwich-spreads not only on bread for sandwiches but also on everything else.Prepare to be enticed… Bon appétit!