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The Missing Steps: Episode I: The Nemesis in Gray Jesse Kiroda

The Missing Steps: Episode I: The Nemesis in Gray

Jesse Kiroda

Published June 28th 2004
ISBN : 9781413720334
124 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The first in a series of suspense novels 1906. Cork, Ireland. What can possibly frighten a 6a 8a brawler sporting size 18 boots? When Lowell Arnold Patrick decides to recant of his trade and settle down to farm labor, he must face an unfamiliar challenge: that of Erin Olson, who wastes no time falling for the agiant.a Years pass. Still unnerved by Erinas presence, Lowell, who has never been in love, bolts for America. The catalyst is a letter with a plea for help at the request of some stranger. Upon his arrival, Lowell is hired on at Juniper Hancockas munitions plant as foreman. The ploy succeeds. Within hours, he survives a mugging and murder attempt. Lowell and Donald Walters, a streetwise punk, capitalize on scant clues and launch an investigation into Hancockas ethics. They discover that gold is being smuggled out of the country and an Army depot is to be decimated to cover Hancockas escape route. Enter The Nemesis in Gray. The man considered a myth wreaks havoc upon Americaas enemies. When the crime lords realize that their henchmen are being systematically depleted, arrogance proves to be their downfall. Their escape route leaves behind a deadly calling card that can simply melt a hillside and anything in its path, including the Army division assigned to end their treachery. The adventure subsides as the exhausted ex-brawler returns to Mrs. OaGradyas boarding house, to face an even greater challenge. Can he survive?