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Windows to a Soul Carolee Merrigan

Windows to a Soul

Carolee Merrigan

Published May 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
484 pages
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 About the Book 

“God’s words of wisdom and guidance inspire us, imparting warm feelings of love, peace, hope, and security. Jesus desires to speak to your heart, too. Spend a few minutes of quiet time with Him every day. Read his letters to you. Reflect on Jesus’ words. Open your heart and soul and invite him in.”One day, Carolee Merrigan was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write a letter to God. She was awed by the engaging, inspired dialogue as it appeared on her paper. This one-on-one direct encounter with the Lord became the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Carolee Merrigan offers readers Christian inspiration in her book of prayer, affirmation, and reflective passages which will speak to your heart and guide you to a loving friendship with the Lord.